Previous policy successes

Below are past CAFP and AAFP resolutions regarding reproductive health that TEACH helped to author, introduce, and/or pass through the American Academy of Family Physicians. Approved policy statements are available via AAFP.

We would be thrilled if you reworked these resolutions to adopt in your own state AFP chapter. Please contact if you would like us to send you a copy of a resolution to edit in Word.



  • Resolution A-03-16 to Endorse Access without Age Restriction to Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptive Pills – Authored by TEACH Fellow Alison Block, MD
  • Resolution A-05-16 Medicaid Coverage of Over-The-Counter Emergency Contraception (EC) – Authored by Anna Loeb, MD, Lauren Wondolowski, MD and Sarah McNeil, MD
  • Proposed Resolution to Support Mandatory Immunizations for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Elimination of Personal Belief Exemptions Prior to a Child’s Entry into School – Authored by Amruti Borad, MD – LA Chapter

Passed Resolutions


  • Resolution 301Support Placement and Coverage of LARC in the Early Postpartum Period – successfully adopted by Congress of Delegates into official AAFP policy; TEACH authored
  • Resolution 603Promote Transparency in Medical Education in Religiously Affiliated Healthcare Settings – authored by Seattle CREATE resident; adapted by TEACH – Referred to the AAFP board
  • Resolution 512: Resolution Oppose Legislative Restrictions on Health Centers Receiving Title X and Medicaid Funding – successfully adopted by Congress of Delegates into official AAFP policy; TEACH authored

Other Relevant Resolutions (authored by our colleagues from across the country):

  • Resolution 303Access to All FDA-Approved Contraception Methods for Medicare Patients – Introduced by the New York State and Ohio Chapters; First Clause adopted as official AAFP policy; Second Clause Referred to the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement
  • Resolution 605: Support of Miscarriage Management Training in Family Medicine Residencies – Introduced by the Rhode Island Chapter; Referred to the Reference Committee on Education
  • Resolution 316: Support and Placement and Coverage of LARC for All Women as Contraceptive Devices and for Regulation of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding – Introduced by the Texas Chapter; successfully adopted by Congress of Delegates into official AAFP policy