What you can do

Help fund our efforts!

TEACH has historically been supported by a combination of regional and national foundations and individual donors. Opportunities for funding and program development exist in the following areas:

  • Training of resident physicians and primary care providers
  • Mentoring and technical assistance after training—for incorporating services into practice
  • Advanced training and leadership opportunities for physicians and clinicians in practice
  • Advocacy efforts within medical organizations
  • Curriculum evaluation and development
  • Reproductive health speaker’s bureau
  • Reproductive health research and policy projects

If you are interested in supporting the TEACH Program, please donate directly at the Social Good Fund

Or send us a check written out to “Social Good Fund” with ” for TEACH Program” in the note.

You can contact us at info@teachtraining.org for any questions or in-kind offers.

Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

Get involved!

  • American Academy of Family Physicians – Our efforts though the AAFP are to increase access to reproductive health services, and to assure that abortion and contraceptive care are within the scope of primary care training and practice. Become a member and learn more about current advocacy efforts.
  • National Conference of Special Constituencies – the AAFP’s annual leadership and policy development event and delegation for women, minorities, new physicians, international medical graduates and LGBT physicians. This is a great venue for joining progressive forces to advocate within AAFP.
  •  “5 Steps to a Resolution” is a guide from RHEDI to help craft a policy resolution.
  • AAFP Advocacy Primer is available through the Reproductive Health Access Project.

For California providers

Use your voice!

  • Consider telling patient stories in an editorial, op-ed, or letter to your local representatives.
  • Write for our new quarterly blog: Beyond Training: Pearls for Practice. How have you been able to expand reproductive health services? Share your story! This new blog aims to help providers address barriers and implement services in their practice.