Advanced Training and Leadership Program (CREATE)

CREATE (Continuing Reproductive Education for Advanced Training Efficacy) is a structured advanced training curriculum that begins to address the barriers between training and future reproductive health provision (for R3s or other advanced trainees). Our follow-up research shows that while most graduates considered abortion as important to include in ideal practice, many face barriers to providing all the services desired. Download our research findings poster.

Our advanced trainees have applied and committed to the following components:

  • Additional abortion training sessions
  • Evening workshop sessions on overcoming practice barriers, developing leadership, negotiating systems change, and learning advocacy
  • Individual mentored project with faculty

We have expanded the reach of the CREATE curriculum by partnering with residency programs in other regions in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Create Curriculum

We invite you to use these documents as templates to host your own seminars for advanced trainees or graduates. We kindly request that you credit TEACH when using these materials.

Evening workshops

Workshop sessions are a central component of the CREATE advanced training and leadership curriculum. The following tools will assist in facilitating training sessions for new providers.

Program outline

Session one: advocacy

TEACH partners with Physicians for Reproductive Health to present the advocacy workshop. Thanks to PRH for their support.

Session two: practice integration panel and negotiation skills

The practice integration panel is designed to feature 4-7 speakers who have successfully integrated comprehensive reproductive health services into practice.

Session three: complication simulation

The complication simulation reviews hemorrhage as a complication of uterine aspiration. Additionally, the third session reviews medication abortion role-plays and CREATE residents present their independent projects.

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