Rural Leadership Advanced Training Effort (ReLATE)

Rural Leadership Advanced Training Effort (ReLATE):

  • Provides rural and international elective opportunities to trainees.
  • Exposes trainees to the experience of women living in isolated communities.
  • Empowers patients through full spectrum reproductive health care.
  • Fosters relationships and increases graduate job opportunities.

ReLATE partners with Women’s Health Specialists to provide women with empowering, non-judgmental, safe abortion care.

Under the direction of WHS Director of Health Services and WHS Medical Director, residents join this client-centered project that trains the next generation of abortion providers and extends the rights of women and reproductive justice into the 21st Century. WHS provides the setting to build compassionate, skilled and effective health professionals who will use their skills to provide service and expand access in isolated communities.

ReLATE graduates have been hired to continue as providers in these areas, committing to the needs of women to provide exceptional care. ReLATE continues to expand, increasing graduates trained in abortion provision.