TEACH Leadership Fellowship

The TEACH Leadership Fellowship is a year-long fellowship that focuses on developing primary care leadership, advocacy skills, teaching and research capacity, as well as advanced clinical practice in early abortion and comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care.  With currently limited opportunities beyond residency or graduate school, this fellowship seeks to develop the next generation of primary care leaders ready to transform the field of reproductive health.

The fellow will:

Leadership training

  • Receive mentorship and develop the organizational and personal leadership skills needed to think innovatively and to navigate academic, departmental, institutional, and practice opportunities in career development
  • Gain opportunities to become as a strong advocate for family planning and abortion access

Faculty development

  • Be developed as a “master trainer-in-training,” to teach hands-on skills and didactic programs for clinicians-in-training in abortion and related procedures
  • Apply new skills in competency-based curriculum development
  • Work on curriculum improvements: Early Abortion Training Workbook and web-based modules
  • Obtain focused evaluations with program mentors toward goals, individual style, and integration
  • Establish skills in inter-professional collaboration, cultural transformation, and relationship building between organizations


  • Advocate through professional organizations to improve reproductive health access and training
  • Collaborate across specialties with clinicians across the country
  • Visit with state and national legislators
  • Participate in Leadership Training Academy of Physicians for Reproductive Health or CoreAlign Generative Fellowship

Clinical Exposure and Teaching

  • All methods of contraception and first trimester pregnancy termination
  • Ultrasonography related to pregnancy termination and contraception
  • Management of patients with complex medical conditions and abortion complications

Research Exposure

  • Receive exposure to clinical research, design, and writing for presentation or publication
  • Gain experience in grant writing and obtaining research or programmatic funding
  • Present at regional and national conferences