Early Abortion Training Workbook

The newly revised TEACH Early Abortion Training Workbook is an all-inclusive interactive curriculum with tools to train new reproductive health providers to competence.

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Advanced PDF Chapters

The Workbook is designed for family planning and abortion providers throughout the U.S. and the world, whose ongoing dedication, expertise, and courage makes such a difference in patient’s lives. We are committed to assuring that primary care providers can offer continuity and excellence in reproductive care, which recognizes the dignity and autonomy of each individual.

Our newest version has improved interactivity with options to use it as a Printable PDF and online with chapter navigation, links to original references, and click-to-enlarge images, as well as extensive new and updated evidence. This Workbook is designed to be used for individual review, small-group learning, or in a clinical setting where a trainer can lead a discussion of its content and exercises.

Training Sustainability Technical Assistance Report

Putting one’s reproductive health training to use requires diligence on the part of graduates, both in rural areas where there are few providers and in coastal urban areas where there may be more providers than opportunities. The guide provides insights and useful information for planning next steps, as well as considerations about the future needs of established clinical training programs in abortion care, elective opportunities, graduate provider support, and opportunities for practicing clinicians seeking abortion training. To obtain a copy contact info@teachtraining.org.